Spiral Cut Felt Wheels for Beveling and Edging

Built on pad technologies originally developed by Rodel Technologies, the Rodo is a spiral cut felt wheel designed for polishing and beveling glass edges. Featuring superior consistency and quality, it's lifetime regularly outperforms solid felt wheels, and even impregnated rubber. Standard sizes available (ODxIDxW):130 x 70 x 25.4mm150 x 105 x 25.4mm150 x 70 x 25.4mm150 x 70 x 38mm170 x 70 x 25.4mm185 x 115 x 25.4mm190 x 118 x 25.4mm190 x 118 x 38mm

Rodo Details

Base Material:


Shelf Life:

No Expiration



Category - Edge Grinding

Handling Instructions

Product requires no specialized handling.


Product should be stored in a clean, dry location.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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